Κατανοώντας τη ΔΕΠ/ΔΕΠΥ

Κατανοώντας τη ΔΕΠ/ΔΕΠΥ

What is AD/HD?

It’s the inability to concentrate and control impulsive behavior. It may or may not include hyperactivity. It’s not anyone’s fault!

Common Symptoms

Lack of focus, easily distracted, forgetful, impulsive

Why is it a problem?

May exacerbate learning problems. May affect social interaction. May lead to difficulty in everyday tasks. Often results in anxiety, poor academic performance and low self esteem.

How can you help?

Understand AD/HD, develop awareness and compassion. Follow recommended treatments including educational assistance, behavior training and, in some cases, medication.

Remember! AD/HD sufferers need lots of support, encouragement and patience.