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Join ADD-ADHD Support to receive advice and information, notifications by email and SMS of upcoming events that may include seminars, conferences and emotional support meetings, reduced rates when you attend events, and library services.

Your support through membership fees also allows ADD-ADHD Cyprus to advocate on behalf of the AD/HD community for medication and services through the Ministries of Health and Education.

All memberships are renewable a year after membership registration.

 2011-2012 Annual Membership Fee

Individuals/Family:   30

Professional:  45     (Includes a website link on our Professionals Directory)

Student:  20

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Or print out the membership for in English or Greek and send it with your membership fee to ADD-ADHD Cyprus at P.O. Box 12187, 2341 Nicosia.  Checks should be made payable to ADD-ADHD Cyprus.  Call us to let us know your application is on the way and we'll add you to our mailing lists immediately!

Friday, April 27 - AD/HD:Myths and Realities


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Understanding the Acronyms
Throughout this site, you will find the acronyms ADD, ADHD and AD/HD used interchangeably. AD/HD is currently used to represent the disorder known as attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity, in the medical and academic community.


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