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AD/HD Awareness Week was held from September 18-25, 2011.  One September 20, 2011 ADHD Europe launched the Partner Support Pack, which was Developed by the European ADHD Awareness Taskforce in collaboration with ADHD Europe and sponsored by Shire Pharmaceuticals.

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International Consensus Statement on ADHD, January 2002

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In April 2011, ADD-ADHD Cyprus successfully lobbied the Ministry of Health to provide AD/HD medication free to all low income families.  ADD-ADHD Cyprus also contributed to a report on Disability Rights, which was produced by the Children's Rights Commission, Ms. Leda Koursoumba, for Parliament.

In May 2006, ADHD-Europe submitted its contribution to the European Commission's Green Paper on Improving Mental Health.  The contribution stresses the need to promote mental health for AD/HD sufferers, reduce the burden of AD/HD by providing adequate prevention, early diagnosis, and appropriate treatment, and address the stigma, discrimination and social exclusion that many AD/HD sufferers face across Europe.  ADD-ADHD Cyprus is proud to be an active member of ADHD-Europe.

ADD-ADHD Cyprus, in cooperation with the Patients Rights Movement of Cyprus, took part in the presentation of "The State of Patients' Rights in Europe:  A Citizen's Report Monitoring the European Charter of Patients' Rights" at the European Parliament from February 28 to March 1, 2005.  For more information on the project, which is carried out by the Active Citizenship Network, please visit the Network's website at

In 2004, ADD-ADHD Cyprus successfully lobbied the Ministry of Health to approve the import of two new drugs for the treatment of ADD-ADHD -- Concerta, Adderall, and StraterraAll are long lasting (up to 12 hours), in contrast to Ritalin (4-6 hours), the only drug allowed previously.  Straterra is available from private pharmacies. 

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Understanding the Acronyms
Throughout this site, you will find the acronyms ADD, ADHD and AD/HD used interchangeably. AD/HD is currently used to represent the disorder known as attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity, in the medical and academic community.


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