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AD/HD Test Taking Accomodations  

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Many standardized testing agencies will allow test takers with disabilities, including AD/HD, a range of testing accommodations depending on the severity of the disability.

As a general rule, when registering for exams, you must request Nonstandard Testing Accommodations.

For Minor Accommodations such as special lighting, adjustable tables or chairs, breaks for medications or snacks.

  • You must submit a letter of support from a medical doctor with the registration form and fee.
  • You will need extra time (up to six weeks) for review and approval.

For Other Accommodations.

  • You will have to submit a Request for Nonstandard Testing Accommodations.
  • You will have to submit a Certificate of Eligibility including a diagnosis, a description of functional limitations, a complete educational, developmental and medical history, a list of test instruments, a description of the accommodations requested, and an explanation of why needed.  All of these will have to be submitted on official letterhead with a signature.

For more information on Nonstandard Testing Accommodations, please refer to the official websites for the exam providers.

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Understanding the Acronyms
Throughout this site, you will find the acronyms ADD, ADHD and AD/HD used interchangeably. AD/HD is currently used to represent the disorder known as attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity, in the medical and academic community.


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