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Partnership is offered for a minimal fee (roughly €25/year to cover expenses of the website), but partners must also be willing to contribute to LDN Cyprus by actively offering information and suggestions. Benefits include the opportunity to shape learning difficulty policy through the LDN.  Current partners include:

The Cyprus Dyslexia Association (CDA), which was established in 1993 and registered as a charity in 1994, focuses on the welfare of people with the learning disability dyslexia. The CDA was instrumental in the passage of the “Education and Training of Children with Special Needs Law of 1999” and its regulations.

The North Cyprus Dyslexia Association, which was established in 2001, works to raise wareness and understanding of dyslexia in Cyprus and abroad.

ADD-ADHD Support, which was established in 2000 and registered as a charity in 2004, advocates on behalf of those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) in Cyprus.

KAYAD Community Center, which was established in 2001, provides resources and encouragement to parents, educators and professionals on a grassroots level.



Cyprus Dyslexia Association     North Cyprus Dyslexia Association     ADD-ADHD Support     KAYAD


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